How to Book Your Next Patient with Opsana

Sometimes the hardest part of starting something new is knowing where to begin. We get that.

So here’s a few Patient Scenarios that would be a great fit for using Opsana. Instead of the patient leaving without booking a procedure let us help get them approved and get them on the books.

Scenario #1

The Patient says they have less than perfect credit.

No problem. With our underwriting approach, we review your patient’s credit worthiness by determining their ability to afford a payment so they can move forward with scheduling their procedure. 

Have the Patient fill out an online application and let them know that we’re going to get in touch with them to discuss their approval terms. 

Once we get the patient’s terms, we’ll coordinate with you to make sure everything looks good, and you can get them scheduled!

Scenario #2

The Patient delays a procedure due to upfront cost today.

We all want a little more. If you sense the patient wants the mommy makeover, but can only afford a lift right now, then let us offer credit so you can bundle the procedures they want

Cost effective for you and the patient only has one recovery so they’re happier and happy patients refer new ones.


Nobody helps the practice thrive like happy patients referring new ones!

Scenario #3

It's Slow Season? Give em a call.

It can happen anytime. Fewer consults are booking procedures. Maybe because they couldn’t pay for everything upfront, they didn’t qualify for Care Credit, or they simply didn’t like the terms!

Give last month’s consults that didn’t book a call and let them know about Opsana! 

This has always worked well for us because we may be able to get them approved where programs in the past couldn’t.

This one works better than you’d think and the patients are super happy that they can get in the door for the procedure they want!

Want us to show you the ropes? No problem!