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CEO Andrew Altholz talks about the importance of underwriting for financing.

In today's healthcare economy, physicians are living with unhealthy choices. It's time you had better options.

Using typical finance and insurance programs is expensive because of deep discounts and fees. They also don’t have enough support for your patient’s purchase decision – it’s time to make a better choice.

Consults that never book a procedure or patients that have a bad experience with an insurance or finance company don’t refer new patients. The growth of your practice is driven by capturing more of your consults.

Cover your costs, earn interest, and convert more consultations. Happier patients grow referrals, which grow your practice. Opsana will help you give your patients the credit they deserve.

Giving away your earnings for instant gratification is not a healthy business development strategy.

A Smarter, Healthier Decision for Your Practice

While there are options out there, they seem to take more than they give, and they aren’t in your or your patient’s best interest.

Here’s a brief side-by-side comparison of what happens when a typical credit option is measured against Opsana. Our business only works with open communication and transparency with the people serve – happy paying clients in our mutual best interest.

Serves approximately 97% of the patient population.
Earn your full fee for procedures & avoid discounts.
More credit means bundling multiple procedures at once for a single recovery.
Happier patients leads to more procedures and more referrals.
Build long-term annuities.
Collect deposits (more cash flow when combined with more approvals).
Serves less than 20% of the patient population.
Typical fees or discounts can exceed 20% or more.
"Bait & Switch" credit terms aggravate patients. 2.5/5 Star review on Wallethub1
Stiff payment penalties and high APRs (29.99%) scare patients.2
Builds no equity or patient loyalty for your practice.
Everyday you start from zero.

Access the Most Underserved Patient Market

The green area in the graph represents the sweet spot borrowers for a typical financing company. They’re focusing on only the best credit quality patients, who are looking to borrow relatively small sums. The blue area is hugely underserved by these companies and what’s even better is that they typically carry a 3% or less default risk.

We take your out-of-pocket costs into account during underwriting so that we can approve your most profitable and efficient patients.

Partnering with Opsana allows you to take more ownership over your practice through financial assitance which in turn allows more of your patients access to your services.

Standard Target

Typical credit providers focus too much on the wealthiest consumers, narrowing your options and opportunities dramatically.

More with Opsana

With a big picture qualifying approach, we can increase amounts financed for better outcomes all around.

Competitor Market

Competitor market makes up 20% of less of the borrowing population.

Underserved Market

Roughly 80% of the market is underserved, but will still qualify with proper underwriting.


Consumer default rates are currently around 3% and historically less than 2%

Our Leadership

Andrew Altholz

Strategy & Finance

Andrew scaled numerous companies from Institutional positions with ING & Imperial Capital as well within the management teams for the Peninsula Group & Ethos Manufacturing among others. Often developing captive credit programs drove the success of companies Andrew grew. Andrew also serves on several healthcare boards & programs.

Marie Bernardino

Sales Director

Marie has built and operated professional services organizations in sales, recruiting, and consulting. Before Opsana, she founded the boutique Los Angeles consultancy Lockstep, servicing Fortune 500 companies with executive talent acquisition.

Andy Crewell


Andy is an experienced General Counsel & Corporate Controller. He's scaled multiple startups to $50MM+ valuations such as: Ethos Manufacturing, Amiran Construction (Publicly Traded). He attended the prestigious Healthcare Program St. Louis Law School.

Mike Slebodnik

Marketing & User Experience

Mike brings over 15 years of leadership experience within creative agencies that included prominent New York agencies & boutique firms. Digital design, business development, and brand development are among the areas where Mike has distinction. Mike is also an active outdoorsman and sought after photographer.

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